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A spa stay at the beautiful resort of Terme Boarium in Vallecamonica

Stay 7 or 14 days:

- Arrival at the Hotel Mina with a welcome drink.
- Stay 7 or 14 days in full board, drinks included.
- Lively evening in the hotel.
- Dinner in the hotel.
- Weekly subscription to the Baths of Boarium Where are you drinking cure (just 40 meters from the Hotel Mina).
- Guided tours in the artistic and naturtali Vallecamonica and Lake Iseo.
- Wi-fi internet access throughout the Hotel Mina.
- Discounts on Archeopark, rides and treatment at the spa of Terme di Boarium.

Minimum of 20 people.

A free ticket for every 25 paying guests.

For information please contact us.



Boat trip on Lake Iseo and tour with the famous Bernina Express with a visit to Livigno duty-free town

Our proposal is as follows (duration 2 days):

- Arrival in the morning Sulzano Lake Iseo for a boat trip: tour of the 3 Islands
- Return to Boarium Terme for lunch at the Hotel Mina and accommodation in rooms
- Afternoon entrance to the park of ancient Terme Spa Park Resort Boarium
- Dinner at the Restaurant of Hotel Mina
- Early morning departure towards Tirano to reach the starting point of the famous Bernina Express which takes you to St. Moritz
- Stop in St. Moritz and transfer to Livigno for lunch
- Free afternoon to visit and shopping in the city extra customs enclave of Livigno
- Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight
- Morning breakfast and return to hotel
- Wi-fi internet access throughout the Hotel Mina.
- Discounts on Archeopark, rides and treatment at the spa of Terme di Boarium.

Please note that for entry into Switzerland you need a valid travel document
The package does not include transportation by bus and insurance.

At least 15 people.
One free ticket for every 25 paying

For informationplease contact us.



A wonderful day of thermal waters accompanied by delicious food.

- In the morning possibilitià to participate in guided tours in some of the most picturesque areas of Vallecamonica (city Pisgone, Capo di Ponte, 1000 Bienno one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, or a boat trip on Lake Iseo our .. .);

- Return at the Hotel for a convivial lunch at our restaurant Mina;

- In the afternoon entrance to the Baths of Boarium, distant only 40metri dall'Holte Mina, for a beautiful and festive walk in the park accompanied by thermal waters and music.

sliced ​​mixed
Trash puff pastry with asparagus tips
Marinated salmon canapé
Curly green salad with apples and almonds petals
Turnovers the Valtellina
Risotto with zucchini and pink camuna
Shoulder of veal baked frosted
Mille-feuille of potatoes
Spinacetti sautéed with Parmesan
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce or sorbet

Water, wine and espresso

Carpaccio of marinated topside with rocket and parmesan
Flan with Parmesan
Homemade crust with mushroom ragout
Salad of rice with saffron
Crespellina cheese Valley
Coupling of fresh pasta with ham and spinach
Turkey fillet in a crust of bread aromatic
Rosemary potatoes
Flame of zucchini frangipane
Semifreddo with crunchy chocolate fondue or fresh fruit salad with ice cream

Water, wine and espresso

Prague ham with julienne artichokes
Quiche with cheese and vegetables
Crostone aubergine partonopea
salad capricious
Quadrucci fresh pasta with butter bubbling to camuna
Risotto with radicchio and smoked cheese
Knuckle of veal with herbs
Flame of duchess potatoes
Small eggplant parmigiana
Tart apples and jam or sorbet

Water, wine and espresso

Valtellina Bresaola with rocket and parmesan
Cream puffs stuffed with cream cheese and sweet yellow peppers
Russian salad
Vol-au-vent with asparigi
Strangolapreti to camuna
Risotto with mushrooms
Punta stuffed veal
Mashed Potatoes
Salad vegetables with butter and parmesan
Chocolate cake and ice cream or sherbet

Water, wine and espresso

The offer is valid for groups of minimum 20 persons.
One free ticket for every 25 paying guests.
A gratuity for the driver.
Reservation required.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us.

In the group is not only beautiful , but it is even more happy! ...


Tribute at the Hotel Mina, at the Baths of Boario, at the city of Darfo Boario Terme and Valle Camonica





We are all aware that Italy has its precious primates , sadly neglected. I will mention briefly some : the primacy of art. Just remember Michelangelo left us works of art that no one has ever been able to emulate. The primacy of the city of Rome, no city in the world has a story so high and accurate as Rome. Even the italian landscape and the soil have a certain primacy ; in fact , lately , the European Community has made him recalled , giving us the Quality Award " Thermal Waters Terme of Boario ." (Below is the full text of the document) .

Boario Terme , province of Brescia , is a country in Valle Camonica , famous for its older graffiti.

Fifty meters from the entrance of the precious Terme of Boario there is a mid size hotel, rated three stars: Hotel Mina . The property it's of Mrs. Mina and family who administer it with great wisdom and family style. Those who stay here for the first time , it has been proved that there is back!

Mr. Gaetano Pecora from Rapallo*

Terme of Boario
Thermal Water Quality Award

The CERAM, European Research Centre Mineral Water, following a thorough comparative study of the thermal waters in Europe, has awarded the Quality Thermal Award to the Terme of Boaro. The award comes from the evaluation of the quality of thermal and diversification of therapeutic applications, based on published scientific documents. The parameters taken into cosider concern , moreover, the management and the valuation made by the grantee through:

- Ability to innovate interest in the spa environment through complementary activities aimed at engaging more generational groups;

- Social-cultural activities carried out with the support and sponsorship of local authorities;

- Introduction of clinical applications of thermal - excellence;

- Commitment of human and financial resources aimed at the enhancement of the thermal spa.

* (Written text of his own volition, printed on dozens of brochures to disseminate and expand the number of possible future guests of the Hotel Mina and the Terme of Boario, delivered to us by mail in the fall of 2013 by Mr. Gaetano Pecora from Rapallo, one of the many loyal customers at the Hotel Mina.

Mr. Pecora always coming to us, accompanied by his amiable lady, for more than 30 years. No, for that matter, forget the least of all our other guests, the Hotel Mina is honored and happy to have gotten permission from the author in order to spread our site these annotations of Mr. Gaetano).


Natural Park "Adamello Brenta"


Night panorama of Lake Iseo and Valle Camonica from Montecampione

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