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Founder, builder and manager of Hotel Mina along with his family since 1968.

By your entire family (husband, sons, daughters, grandchildren) and with so much love, affection, esteem, respect and sincere friendship. For all that you have done, do and will do for us and for all our Dear Guests. It has been many years of work and sacrifice, but also many joys. In fact, despite your years that pass not only for yourself but also for all of us, you're still young and strong in mind and spirit. Your constant granite and iron will, as always, is to bersagliere courageous, loyal, almost daring but peaceful bearer of life, joy and serenity. Thank you for being there, by all of us, your family, and all your good and caring staff. And finally, last but not least, a thank you from all of your knowing you, Dear Guests who are fond of.

From peasant childhood in his father's tavern innkeeper Carlo Francesco...

...wife and mother butcher in the butcher's husband Alessandro Cesare...

...and finally since 1968 landlady in his Hotel Mina...

...dedicated to you, Mom...


Two poems written to Boario Terme in homage Hotel Mina and Mrs. Mina in from the milanese dialect poet and philosopher Augusto, exposed framed in the office of the Hotel Mina. (Mr. Augusto is a valued customer and guest at the Hotel Mina along with his distinguished lady).



Hotel Mina! Nel tuo tenero colore
di madreperla colmo di natura,
contro questa vita tanto dura,
trasformi tutto in vero amore.

Torno a te col bramoso cuore,
in questo ambiente pieno di premura
e dei tuoi bei pranzi fò la cura
cullato nelle attese del primo albore.

Sempre risorgi nella mia memoria,
come fonte di luce mattutina
con un delicato e dolce inno di gloria.

Pensando a te: l'animo mio s'affina
sono sicuro passerà alla storia:
grazie a te: mio caro Hotel MINA.


Settembre 2000




Poem written by hand with fountain pen on parchment inlaid with small ears and true leaves and dried


su passetti vellutati,
fra tavoli imbanditi,
offri un bel sorriso
insieme ai tuoi manicaretti
dallo sguardo
del tuo bel viso,
nel profumo
di frutta, di dolci,
e piatti genuini.
Mamma Mina:
sei la mamma
la sorella, l’amica,
disponibile a tutte le ore,
una sola tua parola
ti dà conforto,
è sempre carica d’amore.
Mamma Mina:
ti vedrò
ancora per tanti anni,
sempre avvolta
in un manto
di polvere di stelle
legato da un fiore:
il fiore profumato
del tuo onore

Poeta milanese
Boario 10 sett.1998


A few simple words that Mrs. Mina want to greet all of our Dear Guests and try to put into practice in our everyday life and in our daily work use the following example.

"Here we are, me and my family, to welcome you with a true passion for life. Passion that we would like to convey through our work, our profession. Would like you can spend the time you want in our Hotel Mina in a respectful and friendly familiarity maybe not perfect, but sincere and filled with our best efforts. Thanks to all of you! "

Mrs. Mina



... With the help of two great thinkers of the past, but very contemporary ... one Greek and one Roman ...

(Aphorism attributed to Heraclitus of Ephesus - Ephesus, 535 a.C. - Ephesus, 475 a.C.)

"You  can not go down twice in the same river and you can not touch mortal substance twice in the same state, but because dell'impetuosità and the speed of change, it disperses and gathers, it comes and goes".
On the nature - Heraclitus of Ephesus

"Extremely short and troubled is the life of those who forget the past, neglect the present, afraid of the future come to the last moment, later to include being employed so long without concluding anything".
On the shortness of life - Seneca the Younger (Corduba (Spain), 4 a.C. - Rome, 65 d.C.)

On the shortness of life - Seneca the Younger




- ... From the Big Bang to the infinite galaxies that were formed, the Milky Way, Solar System, the Sun, to our beloved Earth, to Europe, to our country, Italy, which is our personal position Universe? ... -



Mom, I apologize in advance for you, I know you never wanted , nor do I hand you 'd never allowed to publicly dedicate this writing. You never liked being the center of attention and the spotlight. But I have also decided , independently and without your knowledge , to write to you personally that my gift with the intent to make an unexpected surprise , which I hope will be accepted by you as a nice gift affectionate ... I would also like to apologize in advance with all any readers for the length of my eulogy written , and probably also the verbosity of my dedication ...

The reflections that follow here I will not fall for propaganda and finding nothing in the logic of any normal website , functional to the promotion and dissemination of a hotel . I am aware that , almost certainly , these reflections will be interpreted as an anomaly logic that transcends any possible advertising. Or to put it more simply : the donkey son who wants to write about a topic , but in fact only able to go completely off the subject that should be dealt with in that context. I take full responsibility for the case and admit that this praise comes from my will, from the deepest place of my identity in an almost visceral and irrational ... And ' for this reason that it seemed appropriate to put it at the end of our website regarding our Hotel Mina. But I think , perhaps wrongly , that these my considerations are not so out of context but they are a natural creature , resulting from the birth, life , past, present and future of our Hotel Mina. Hotel Mina , in which you, Mom, you've dedicated a large and important part of your life . You almost identified with your creature , from the name you choose to give her. Those who expose feelings are , Mommy, I want to express with this tale of the heart ...

If you get tired or even if you are irritated by what I say publicly I beg you to forgive me ... And from now on you if any , kind and patient explorers of the site of our Hotel Mina, if you are tired or bored by my words , I apologize again. In this case, I recommend that you immediately jump in both feet and this my next story, long enough, to focus on the information that you need.

If you are interested in an exposure that comes from a strong and sincere filial love , I also think that all of you have tried and you try for your beloved and unforgettable Moms, then I would be happy that you read these proseguiste in my humble and affectionate reflections . I'm sure if you try to have a little ' empathy towards me , you will understand why I felt it my duty and pleasure essential to expose them in such a context ... All situations seem to me legitimate to express how much you love her mom . These opportunities multiply for me because I am also a long time collaborator sincere his family . Finally, having also reached my Mom , meanwhile, a ripe old age ... for me the reasons become even more special ...

My thoughts , my emotions , my feelings stem from the life story of my mother , Mrs. Mina. Because I think we all have our own Mom is: " THERE SHE WHO HAS GENERATED " ... That my Mom is a life that has permeated , influenced and driven even my destiny. One of the most important motors , if not the most important of my life. One story, one of my Mom, who is the origin of the birth , growth, management philosophy and the nature of our Hotel Mina. Through her ​​and the story of the events of his life will take you far. So a past from which even the way we live and relate to the world of our family.

It's for this (life , the history , the choices of my Mom), which since 1968 we carry out with passion and professionalism our hotel business ... And here arise spontaneously from my heart ...

... A personal tribute from his son Massimo to Mrs. Mina for those who have the patience and desire to read ...

Dear mother , dear Madam Mina, I really think it's better to tell people what you think they are still alive and not after ... and I hope with all my heart that you may live many years yet ! The monuments are beautiful but they are an expression of a reminder that no matter how high and deep is aimed at those who no longer there, who made ​​history but now can not do anymore. To those who heard but now can no longer hear anything.

It's for this reason that I wish to rivolgerti here , and now publicly , and not in the future , some of my thoughts sincere, sure you can not be denied by anyone.

Your Hotel Mina , which we now make it easy to manage , has sprung from your dreams , by your creativity , but above all came to fruition thanks to your sacrifices , for your work.

You're part of those generations now sadly endangered , but for our wellbeing real past, present and future were and are fundamental . A true well-being of actual fact crafts , commercial, industrial or high -tech and research (post- industrial).

These activities are grounded and real always require many years of hard , steady, intelligent , creative and passionate work . A work full of sacrifices concrete made ​​with passion and inventiveness. Of activities aimed at producing real goods and services truly providential and benefits to all our communities . Are goods and services that in reality are extremely limited and indicate real people who work with commitment and motivation over the long term and constant respect for others and their environment . Here then is the unfolding of these professional services will not only generate sacrifices, but also great personal satisfaction and collective . They build so emotional and material rewards that originate also solid social bonds .

But it is in reality past and present , and not in the dream, in these and in spite of these difficult past and present contexts that you have always built and build it, you've always lived and live without stepping on other people to make money. And in this global cataclysm there are words and examples which can not be waived . For me they are your words , but above all your real example of life as a child and as your right arm in the management of the Hotel Mina ...

Mom I want to tell you that to me you've always had a strong feeling of belonging, that I always gave an extraordinary vitality . You always had deep roots and sturdy trunk implanted in your territory , you have tried every means , sometimes even well beyond your limited forces and possibilities, to make the most profitable in the silence of your work consistent and prolific , devoting yourself with passion and love to your parents , your family (husband , sons , daughters , grandchildren) , to your Hotel Mina and his precious and pampered guests.

From this fact and passion you left and you have always loved so deeply , regardless of the contingent interests , Darfo Boario Terme, your city , its citizens and their lives , the Termo of Boario , the beautiful Valle Camonica and then arrive at a passionate love for the whole of Italy .

You never tied exclusively to a small country but made ​​absolute by this 're always started to take flight and turn it into generating a truly great country. Your little home is for you and this is great because it is the starting point , the real genesis which can and should always result in a truly universal breath: the arrival point is their homeland , Italy , the world and finally the universe ... You have always had a certain idea and great construction of yourself , of your Hotel Mina , Darfo of your city , your valley , Valle Camonica and your homeland , Italy . You've always had a clear vision of reality and far-sighted and you've always been able to comunicarmela not only with words but with concrete actions and everyday .

This is your way , your point on which a lever rests always new collective consciousness (for you we have always been in the same boat : either we save all together or we sink together ) . Here is the solidarity, love to your family, to your work , at the Hotel Mina, his and your guests . The love for the area in which you live, for its citizens and also for all its tourist visitors , in love with its beauty.

Have you always had in your heart, your territory , I 've always wanted to enhance. For this you dreamed , built and managed your Hotel Mina. Because you do not want to live alone but want to live well with others. you love your territory and you live with the desire to constantly improve it, to make it more beautiful and welcoming . You are not willing to live it as merely a bargaining chip.

You want it full of dignity and look to the future and its specificity and uniqueness with a design not a bigot but universal : live locally but think globally.

You are always allocated from reality and from a certain deep sense of honor that you've always held in high esteem . You've always had a great force , a deep also ideal if you do not express it is appropriate only in words but do prefer the facts. Have you ever had a great idea for yourself and our future . Not out of arrogance and vanity, but because you know you've always been motivated by a desire to be great and beautiful and high ideals . You've never wanted to be at the mercy of events. You have done everything with all your strength to forge your positive and our history . You have always fought to win. Even if you temporarily lose a battle (and I 've lost a lot ) , you know that this does not necessarily mean that you have lost yourself , your identity , your great dignity. You always had , and still have, a profound sense and strongly optimistic for your own and others' lives. And so your deep and Stoic philosophy of life brave and even, at times , stubborn when you sweat and sweat all over you and always in the first person . You do not with anger, but with the joy of living ...

You did it and you do it with real passion , sincere love and professionalism acquired in the field through decades of hard but enjoyable work. Here's born , your Hotel Mina, with a nice long life story.

It's a family-run hotel done with respect , kindness and professionalism.


- ... Without deep roots , without a sturdy trunk implanted in its territory similar to that of these beautiful oak trees and it is impossible to form a strong identity , have developed a critical sense , owning a tenacious combined with a vision that is developed in his " small country" , and from here to space without any fear for our whole Italy . A vision that then explores curious wandering all over the globe and finally able to position itself in the universe infinite. This unlimited universe , with its continuous and unending expansion , so we can observe it from a privileged and indispensable : the one derived from the strength of our belonging to our beloved and valued area. The boundless universe acquires for us a deep personal sense , accomplished and beautiful! ... We are not displaced and disoriented but admired and happy to be in it ! ... -

Sometimes the 5-star hotel or those of well-known hotel chains possess facilities and impeccable service , akin to almost perfection and artistic aesthetics , reaching heights of high beauty .

But it is often managed in a formal way , sometimes for inexplicable paradox , even in a way permeated by a scholarly rationality cold and detached . It builds a hotel environment fantastically beautiful and full of highly educated and brilliant, but we live in a world so often hypocritical and almost get the impression that their pampered guests are not legitimate children , but orphans luxury assessed primarily , if not solely , for their level of spending (purchasing power) . This is why in many properties of higher classification , at times , the service , although high and good , you son of a marketing too rational , albeit cold and very stylish too standardized ; verging almost anafettività , opacity ; there is little genuine passion , simplicity and low heat respectful and feel . There is little empathy for the guest , although a functional and will implement all the strategies involved to put it at the center of the system (total customer satisfaction).

I can say that our Hotel Mina is for you your third legitimate son . You, after you have built , I 've always managed rapportandoti how we relate to him and there is bound to his son, to his own creature . Guests of the Hotel Mina your friends are precious to you than to be honored and respected.

Everything is handmade , but a great talented and artistic craftsmanship , it is not always perfect but is the result of constant work and sustained that enhances our humanity. Not that you're so vain to think of you more than gleaming industrial products consist of some 5 star hotel or from certain known chains. Hotel full of the latest technology and luxury gorgeous. The lavish luxury many times is good and desirable , but may not have neither the value nor the thickness of human spontaneity and professional bestowed on the field with passion and love. The luxury wants to enhance the extreme peaks our individuality , our existence , showering the beautiful, the good, the refined , the refined ... We mean that our life , compared to the whole mass of other people, is unique, privileged , exceptional. In addition, the luxury is ultraselettivo , is for the privileged few. Luxury is extremely narcissistic and individualistic . This can be wonderful as long as you do not celebrate a marriage with Pharaoh's daughter to live with her a great life and special. Great if you love the Pharaoh's daughter. But if you love it , if you love another , this life lived in luxury, but without a true love, a life is fantastic , but arid , exciting on the surface but deadly deep . To the extreme could lead to a painful life , a personality disorder . Therefore we need a nice luxury and desirable, but not an end in itself . It is essential to feel loved , accepted and respected for who we really are, beyond the social role that you may be able to get in life.

E ' with this cultural background and emotional that finally in 1968 you managed to build your Hotel Mina inspiring architectural design that reflects the brightness, airiness , the harmony of your character . You can not take care of a hundred sons as he takes care of just one. I can tell you that among the many things you've always taken care of with your lifestyle choices and different , your Hotel Mina, in a way it has always been a genuine food par excellence and has always had a deep cleaning that reflects your personal inner and outer beauty .

You've always been aware of your limits and the limits of your hotel and over the years have always tried to improve them both with an intense commitment , consistent and creative . In my opinion there are always well managed .

You were a great example to me in many things. Mainly in treating all of our guests in a " custom " without ever giving judgments of absolute value, but with simplicity , kindness, respect and sympathy for all. The gain for yourself is necessary and essential, but has never been your only compass of life. You always had ways and means to which our guests feel almost like at home , in a warm and loyal, surrounded by people who can make them feel good in body and soul , giving them with pleasure, all the time required . People friendly but not pushy , who are friends. The same applies to how you deal with our staff .

The services dished out in the Hotel Mina have always been of high quality. In addition, the architectural structure of the Hotel Mina has been imitated even on the French Riviera by our well-known local builders .

Now the Hotel Mina we manage it together. You taught me to be independent , to have positive relationships , to have purpose in life and self-acceptance .

The years spent working at your side I have shown that our guests , both those who come from many or by few years, both those who come for months or who stay a few days and you become attached sincerely remind you and say hello with affection and respect.

Have you ever compared to all in a fair way by admitting more and also your many flaws . You searched for constantly pushing your limits while admitting them . You've never fled before all kinds of responsibilities and have always acquitted very well, even at an early age . Ever since you were young , to get up to date, you've never had any problems for your age . Have you ever declared without your dilemmas years since I, your son , I was sometimes even mistaken for your younger brother .

Mom, for all this and much more, I loved you, I love you and will always love you very much. For this, Madam Mina, respect you, admire you, I held you, I hold you and keep you always in my heart of hearts as my example, to learn from you how to live well.

With genuine affection                            

Your son Massimo                              

From my heart for you mum, Mrs. Mina ... Your Massimo



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